Season II 2021

New Year New Looks!

Hey ladies, &cookies alike. Its 2021 and we're in a new season. I know last year was a bit foggy, buts lets get somethings clear. We're doing the best online shopping of our lives now a days. Am I kidding? 

With that in mind. I've got some goodies coming at you for the 2021 Season II of MiLF&Cookies-TheBrand. With a Newer fresher look our cookies pop more than ever on our attire. With redesigned logos, to color block changes. MiLF&Cookies has some of the hottest merchandise around.

MiLF&Cookies has also launched its brand new Button & Lighter Collection. Which features stylish buttons created by the founder to support mothers in need and in time of recognition. She is doing so by creating the, Mothers Into Living Freely Foundation. The Mothers Into Living Freely Foundation is here to sponsor mothers in a time of need, as well as being able to highlight and recognize mothers who are making astounding strides in the communities around them. Our goal is to help us help each other.